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Dr. John Coppola

Our practice realized how imperative it is for patients to have both the right supplementation, but also the correct therapeutic dosage. Neuro-Gen achieves this. Plus, NeuroGen is backed by over 100 clinical studies and has been proven to reduce or even eliminate neuropathy pain and symptoms while repairing the nerves.

Since we’ve started using NeuroGen in our clinic, we’ve seen a huge improvement in our clinical results, and now we have an over 90% patient satisfaction rating!

Our 100% money back guarantee

We firmly believe the formulation and research behind Neuro-Gen is the best solution on the market to greatly reduce, or even eliminate your peripheral neuropathy symptoms. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your results, we will refund your money. No questions asked! (see terms & conditions). We want your experience with Neuro-Gen to be both positive as well as beneficial. Give Neuro-Gen a try. Discover what countless, former peripheral neuropathy sufferers are experiencing: You don’t have to live with peripheral neuropathy. There is a solution!